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CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

Getting Dental Crowns

In the past, getting dental crowns meant coming into the dentist office at least two times. The first visit involved getting an impression of your tooth and a temporary crown. Then, a couple of weeks later, a second visit allowed for the temporary crown to be removed and a new crown to be placed on your tooth. At Incline Dental Care in North Tahoe, we use the latest technology to make dental work more convenient for you and your busy schedule, with same-day crowns.

Using CAD/CAM software, Drs. Milligan can create a perfectly fitting restoration using an on-site milling machine. This technology at your North Tahoe dentist office can create the new restoration in as little as 15 minutes.

The restoration is adhered to your tooth using a bonding material, and the new addition will match your natural teeth so nobody will ever know you had a repair.

Call us today at your Incline Village dentist office for more information about CEREC technology, and take care of those issues you may have been putting off.

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