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Dental Crowns

The Dental Crowns Process

At Incline Dental, we use dental crowns when a tooth is too broken, decayed, or otherwise compromised to repair with a filling. Crowns are custom fitted to the tooth in question, and completely cover it, protecting it from any further damage or decay. Crowns are created from a variety of materials, though Dr. Milligan chooses to use tooth-colored porcelain. Porcelain crowns are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth; in fact, they are both strong and virtually undetectable.

Traditionally, having a crown placed would take multiple visits to your North Tahoe dentist office. At the first visit, your dentist would remove the damaged/decayed portion of the tooth, make a mold from which to create your permanent crown, and then fit the tooth with a temporary crown. At the second visit, your custom tooth-colored crown would be permanently placed and bonded to the tooth. But who has time for multiple trips to the dentist and temporary restorations?

Thankfully, Dr. Milligan offers Same Day Crowns using CEREC technology to get your crown fabricated and placed in a single appointment! CEREC 3D technology has truly revolutionized restorative dentistry. In just one visit to your Incline Village dentist, we can take 3D digital impressions, input them into our onsite CEREC milling machine to have your dental crown fabricated and placed in the same day!

Call Incline Dental Care’s North Tahoe dentist team to schedule a consultation with Dr. Milligan to see if a crown is right for you.

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